2009 COMPETITION SUIT RULE NWSC; WCSA and WCSC          Rule in .pdf format


June 12, 2009


The use of any competition suit in the Speedo LZR style line or the Blue 70 style line is expressly prohibited for use in summer swim competitions conducted by the NWSC, WCSA and WCSC. This includes all summer dual and championship meets.


Male swimmers or divers will only be permitted to compete in jammer and or brief style swimwear. The swimsuit shall not extend above the navel or below the knees. No body suits will be allowed.


Female swimmers or divers will only be permitted to compete in traditional suits of one or two pieces (comprised of sports bra and brief). The swimsuit shall not cover the neck; extend past the shoulders or past the pelvis. No body suits will be allowed.


For both male and female athletes: the wearing of more than one suit is prohibited by federation rule.


The enforcement of this rule shall be the responsibility of the assigned meet official who shall prohibit the athlete from competing in illegal attire.


Discretion should be exercised by meet officials regarding the use of other types of suits such as boxers, baggies, shorts, non competition suits, drag suits, etc. as long as they conform to the one suit rule.


Any other exception such as for medical or religious reasons will require written approval by the appropriate summer organization (NWSC, WCSA, WCSC). Presentation of an authorized written variance to this rule must be made available to the meet official at each competition.